Friday, January 3, 2014

Great Deal On Green Lantern Series 5: Soranik Natu

Great superhero Green Lantern Series 5 Soranik Natu , a great item from Dc Direct! My coworker Esther and I have been just lately excited about purchasing a brand new toy for her boys when she suggested I pick up the toy Green Lantern Series. Immediately I realized this was an amazing Green Lantern toy for the kids. Now I was able to read some articles concerning the Green Lantern toy, and consumer feed back reports as well as pricing.

Dc Direct is the manufacturer behind the design of the Green Lantern Series. Dc Direct introduced it sometime in 2011. It takes about the same area as a soda can and weighs about as much as a baseball. My coworker in fact liked that the item has the feature of choose from guy gardner (6. 75" tall), sinestro (6. 9" tall), soranik natu (6. 58" tall) and brother warth (7" tall). She also really liked it had 4-color clamshell blister card packaging. Additional features include display base included and character-appropriate accessories. The toy comes with a warranty of no warranty from the manufacturer.

Green Lantern Series 5: Soranik Natu is currrently for under retail price. Great deal on Green Lantern Series 5 Soranik Natu. If you need a great deal for this toy, visit the link below.

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